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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Latest News & Updates

by dicoy on Nov.22, 2009, under

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Latest News & Updates
Money vs. Manny Only On Tirades

It was one hell of a fight the boxing world wants to witness. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. Two of boxingdom’s pound-for-pound kings waiting for the richest fight in boxing history to happen. Disagreements on the Olympic style drug testing forced the cancellation of the fight which was scheduled on March 13, 2010, with the fighting congressman ultimately facing the African Joshua Clottey in a very lackluster match. Mayweather also faced the ageing Shane Mosley in a very lopsided encounter, preserving his unblemished professional record.

The Mayweather-Mosley fight reportedly generated 1.4 million pay-per-view buys while the Pacquiao-Clottey fight attracted only 700,000 PPV buys. Had Pacquiao fought Mayweather, the match could have been an all-time record breaker in television revenues and gate attendance.

Fans were at rage when Mayweather made racist comments against Pacquiao, purposely to get media attention when all publicity was now focused on the Pacquiao fight with Antonio Margarito. But Mayweather recently apologized for his dishonorable tirades, while the Pacman, who took it professionally and behaved honorably, was not affected by the fume and decided to concentrate on the Margarito fight instead.

Mayweather asked Pacquiao to undertake random blood and urine testing until the fight day during the first negotiation. But Pacquiao said he will undergo blood and urine testing up until 14 days before the fight, for the reason that extracting blood too close to the fight day will weaken him. The Mayweather camp suspected that if a boxer is tested prior to a 14-day period leading up to a match, that boxer can still cheat by taking performance enhancing drugs.

On the second negotiation, Pacquiao agreed to submit himself to both blood and urine testing as desired by the Mayweather camp and only the signature of Floyd Mayweather was lacking to finalize the deal that could have earned both fighters at least $40 million each. Mayweather was then given a two-week deadline for the fight contract to be signed. Arum also announced that Pacquiao accepted the terms of the random drug testing, blood and urine, leading up to the fight.

But no actions were done by Mayweather until the deadline imposed by the Pacquiao camp. When all negotiations were finally put to an end, Mayweather declared through the Associated Press that he had fought sixty days ago and that he was not rushing into fighting especially with Pacquiao. He was using all the reasons in the world to evade fighting the Filipino icon.

The Mayweather team denied any negotiations taking place for a super fight but Bob Arum insisted that Oscar de a Hoya stated that they were “very, very close in finalizing the contracts.” It was obvious that the Mayweather camp was not keen on facing Pacquiao. A victory by the pound-for-pound king over the loud-mouthed former king would put the undefeated fighter into boxing oblivion. Obviously, he would rather challenge lesser opponents first and would meet the Pacman when Money is ready to retire.

Meanwhile, Mayweather tried to keep catching media attention in order not to be forgotten by boxing fans. The last fight with Mosley maybe a television blockbuster as far as pay-per-view is concerned, but a Pacquiao-Margarito match could be much better than the Mayweather-Mosley yawner.

By: Maloney L. Samaco


What do you think if the fight happened...who will be the king?And try to decide who`s on the top!!!
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